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Yukon's Okie Sno Elevates The Average Sno-Cone Experience

By Pamela Sosnowski

In 1919, a man named Samuel Bert invented the world's first sno-cone machine and began selling flavored sno-cones at Texas's State Fair, where they became a huge hit. But in 1992, Ray Wade opened the first Okie Sno location, and elevated the cool iconic American treat to new heights.

Ray and his wife Shirley were recuperating from America's "oil boom - oil bust" which financially crippled many workers in the industry in the 1980s. They decided to become entrepreneurs and try something different, which was to make the best sno-cones and improve on a product that no one else had thought to experiment with for the past 80 years. The company likes to refer to its offerings as "gourmet shaved ice delights."

"The inspiration behind the founding of Okie Sno was to introduce a new concept into the existing sno-cone market that was not in place at that time," says Jeff Miller, the Owner of not only the Yukon Okie Sno, but the Owner of the Okie Sno franchise itself. For starters, Okie Sno's machines are capable of finely shaving ice so that it takes on the consistency of actual snow, not tiny crushed ice chucks the way some companies make it.

Every Okie Sno location also features a drive-in for convenience. Last but not least, the quality and flavor of the syrups used take the simple sno-cone to new heights: Kahlua, vanilla rum, sour apple, peach berry, wine cooler, and orange sherbet are among the available flavors, helping to differentiate the company from its competition.

"Our flavor concentrates with which we use to make our flavor syrups to use on our shaved ice delights are second to none out there in the market," says Miller. "We have people who have tried other snow cone stands products and they have come back and said that our products seemed to have a potency that other places do not have."

Although some of the flavors such as brandy and strawberry daiquiri sound alcoholic, none of the syrups contain any alcohol, and the flavorings were developed to appeal to an adult audience. Okie Sno currently has two locations in Oklahoma, but the company offers franchises, which comes with pre-made flavors, ice blocks, assistance in buying equipment, and more.

The company is also available to provide Okie Sno cones at special events. "We offer a mobile event experience for customers who are interested in using our services and products to entertain people at various functions such as birthday parties, company picnics, business promotion, and weddings," says Miller. "We have a mobile event coordinator by the name of Jessica Carter who is in charge of scheduling and setting up events with our products and services for a nominal fee. We like to provide an option for the customer to have in addition to only enjoying our products and services at our outlets."

Okie Sno's locations only operate up until the weather turns significantly cooler, so if you're in the Yukon area, treat yourself to one of these gourmet sno-cones while they last.

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