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The 10 Most Common Home Inspection Concerns with Rod Caldwell of Oklahoma Home Inspections

By Rod Caldwell

Please describe a little bit about your company and its foundation.

I am a full time Engineer and perform inspections in addition to my Engineering profession. I started the business 5 years ago. I am the owner and only inspector. My main goal is "No Surprises" when a client moves in a home. I am a very detailed person and I do not like surprises myself. My typical inspection will last approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hr at the home. I review and evaluate the Structure, Foundation, Roofing, HVAC, Plumbing, Interior, Electrical and Grounds. My checklist consists of over 320 items. Often buyers that hire me often they say " I don't want you inspecting the home I am selling". I try to leave no stone unturned. I owe my clients this. They are getting ready to invest thousands of dollars or maybe hundreds of thousands.

Please list and describe the 10 Most Common Home Inspection Concerns found in most homes.

  • A/C breaker oversized to the manufacturer's recommendation
  • Outside GFCIs not functioning
  • Furnace & Hot Water Tank flue pipes too close to the roof decking caused by the last roofer.
  • Hot water tank pressure relief valve discharge tubes missing or too short, or sized wrong.
  • Interior electrical outlets wired backwards.
  • Dishwasher drain hoses not routed to the top of the cabinet, allowing garbage disposal debris to back flush.
  • Loose Toilets
  • Leaks under sinks
  • Exterior brick cracks above garages due to framing design.
  • Open electrical connections in attic.

As an inspector it is my job to evaluate many items to name a couple:

Items that affect the safety of the occupants

  • Electrical service and distribution
  • Gas service and distribution
  • Insufficient railing on stairs
  • Smoke detectors

Costly repair items such as foundation repair, Roofing, HVAC systems, water damage due to plumbing leaks of grounds not draining water properly away from the structure.

What services do you offer?

I inform my clients no home is ever perfect, not even a new one. For the person trying to decide whether to have an inspection or not, just ask yourself how much repair work can you get done for under $300? New Roof $7000+, Inspection $300 You can't afford not to have an inspection.

What is the best way for people to get in contact with you?

The easiest way to contact me is through email rod@okhomeinspections.com

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