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Preparing Your House for a Home Inspection with Drew Sleezer of Assured Home Inspections

By Drew Sleezer

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

I grew up working on home remodeling projects with my family and started A Helpful Handyman while in college. Homeowners liked my work and told their friends. Before long, realtors and property managers got my phone number and passed it around. Soon, I was doing repairs for homeowners, closings, and rental properties.

While making repairs on homes that had sold, I noticed variations in the home inspections. The reports from these inspections specify which repairs are needed to the home. Some inspectors provided well-written, timely reports with pictures and detailed comments; some did not. To address the need, I started Assured Home Inspectors, which uses licensed and certified home inspectors who take the approach of being thorough, efficient and an advocate for the customer.

What key areas of a house should a homeowner examine prior to having a home inspection? (e.g. stairs, electrical outlets, fire-code regulations)

Checking a few simple things may help make your sale go a bit smoother. Remember, if you are not comfortable making repairs, get a pro. Some easy-to-fix items that often show up on inspection reports include:


Burnt out light bulbs-Almost every report includes problems with light bulbs. Often the problems can be addressed by replacing the light bulbs. Be sure to check outside the home and in closets.


Loose toilet-If a toilet wiggles a bit, the bolts on either side of it should be tightened. Also, check for wet surfaces around the base of the toilet. If water leaks from the base of the toilet, replace the wax ring. Remember, toilets are made of porcelain, so they can crack if the bolts are tightened too much.


Dirty air filter-Check the filters for the furnace or air return. Severely clogged air filters can create problems by preventing air from moving through the system. Typically, furnace manufacturers' provide directions on how to change filters for their products.


Smoke alarms not working-It's a good idea to check smoke alarms regularly, and replace batteries regularly. This is particularly an issue in houses that were vacant prior to sale. Often, the smoke alarm batteries have been removed.


Exterior faucets that leak from the stem-Faucets that are located on the exterior walls of a house can leak near the faucet handle. Instead of water coming from the end of the spout where the hose hooks up, it leaks near the faucet. To fix this issue, carefully tightening the packing nut. It is possible to turn the faucet or damage the plumbing in the wall if too much force is used.

What does a home inspector look for during a home inspection?

A home inspector's first concern is for safety. Home inspectors rely on the standards of practice set by the Construction Industries Board. The standards can be found at www.cib.state.ok.us. Basically, home inspectors examine everything they can without doing any damage to the home. We are looking for anything broken or damaged that isn't cosmetic. The inspection should include electrical, plumbing, structure, roof, insulation, heat and air, windows and doors, drainage from structure, fireplace, appliances, exterior finishes, and crawlspace.

What is the best piece of advice you can give someone who is about to have a home inspection?

For a seller, my best tip is to make simple or routine repairs before the inspection. Check light bulbs, smoke alarms, and change air filters if dirty. Another tip is to make sure that your personal property isn't blocking access. Frequently we find moving boxes piled in front of the electrical panel, vehicles under the attic stairs, mechanical closet doors blocked, and personal items in bath tubs. In such situations, the home inspector reports that personal property was blocking access and that items were not inspected. For a buyer, my best tip is to ask the home inspector questions. Participate in the inspection and ask about anything you have concerns or interest in. You should know where to shut off water and gas coming into the home. You also should know where to change filters, reset breakers, adjust water temperature, reset ground fault outlet, etc. I love it when a buyer follows me around, and I can show them what I am looking at. If you're a first time home buyer, let the inspector know. if they are like us, they have a discount and they should take time to go over things a new owner may not know.

What's the best way for people to get in contact with you and your company?

You can contact us online at assuredhomeinspectors.com or by phone at 918 853 5113. We are happy to answer any questions about home inspection or schedule a home inspection. If additional inspections are needed, such as a termite, structural engineering, pool, or mold, we can schedule them using our preferred vendors. A home is a big purchase and we look forward to helping buyers make an informed decision.

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