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Pet Care Catered to Your Dog, Cat or Exotic Animal at Best Friends Animal Clinic

By Elizabeth R. Elstien

Many people are already using natural modalities to heal what ails them, so why can't we do the same for animals? Unlike more traditional animal clinics, the veterinarians at Best Friends Animal Clinic (BFAC) believe that holistic services are an important part of pet care.

Offering both holistic and traditional services for your dog, cat or exotic pet is their specialty. An increasing amount of people use vitamins, herbs, homeopathy, and raw foods, to provide a healthy balance to their bodies. However, BFAC Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) Brad Roach says there are many natural healing substances and foods that also help fend off disease or prevent it from occurring in their pets, as pharmaceutical drugs are not always the answer.

Located in both Shawnee and Oklahoma City, Roach tells us: "We can cater our services to each client according to what the animal needs. For example, sometimes it's not best to vaccinate a middle-aged pet. That would depend on their need for the vaccine, and we can now test to see if the individual needs the vaccine or not."

Holistic healthcare is not new to pets, so how does BFAC set themselves apart from other clinics? "The way we put together individualized treatment plans, even for the most mundane services such as the annual exam sets us apart," Roach believes.

Additionally, Roach feels that their clinic is unique from others in the way they view aging, which "stems from the belief that the pet's natural hormones play an important role in the aging process, and it behooves the veterinarian to understand and preserve this hormonal axis." Firm believers in curbing the dog and cat overpopulation issue, they offer better sterilization options for male and female pets that mean fewer health problems later on- less weight gain, arthritis and incontinence. According to studies done by University of California at Berkeley, this also means reduced risk of certain cancers.

Since BFAC offers both holistic and traditional services, they have the best treatments of both modalities. However, there is a very high quality of care in veterinary medicine today that is out of reach of most pet-owners' budgets with referral to veterinary specialists. "So holistic medicine fits in very well here," Roach says, "as it provides relief for the pet and results for the owner."

To keep your pet healthy and active longer, Roach suggests bringing your dog, cat or exotic pet into the BFAC twice every year, train each pet well, and not treat with a drug for every symptom. "The simple things that can be done to ensure that pets live a healthier life," advises Roach, "are routine exams and caution with vaccination, heartworm prevention, good diets that don't have corn, wheat or soy and routine dental cleanings."

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