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OKC Mobile Fitness Brings the Gym To You

By Pamela Sosnowski

As Americans continue to work long hours and turn to the convenience of fast food meals to bring home, staying in shape can definitely be a challenge. Personal trainer Rick Thomas is making it a little easier for people to avoid working out by bringing the gym to them. The owner and founder of OKC Mobile Fitness, he works closely with Oklahoma City area residents to not only help get them into shape, but to stay that way, with encouragement every step of the way.

"The inspiration behind OKC Mobile Fitness largely stemmed from my experience working for Dining Express, a food-delivery service in metro OKC where I had worked for the last 15 years or so," he says. "I enjoyed the freedom that job provided me, and recognized that if there was a market for a premium food-delivery service, there ought to be a market for fitness services as well, especially given the exploding interest in fitness and overall health and wellness."

As a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer, Thomas not only teaches fitness to his clients, but helps them work out in a safe manner. Clients are not required to provide any of their own equipment. "I bring everything!" says Thomas.

"Weights, mats if need be, other workout equipment such as a stability ball or a medicine ball, etc. I do have clients who have some of this equipment already or decide to purchase some, as their goals are often to eventually do the workouts I teach them on their own. Most of the exercises I teach are resistance-training exercises, typically involving whole-body movements and incorporating dumbbells."

Sessions cost $40 to have Thomas come to a residence, or clients can opt to visit his fully equipped home studio for $30. Many of his exercises help counteract the effects of sitting in an office or repetitive movements all day long, and improve one's posture.

A client's first personal training session consists of an evaluation incorporating a series of postural, strength, and endurance sessions; from there, Thomas creates a workout plan. But his service isn't just solely centered around exercise; getting fit requires eating the right foods as well.

"One of the things I really emphasize to clients is that they should cook and eat at home as much as possible," he explains. "This not only helps to ensure they'll eat healthy food, but it creates a positive climate that they and their family can build around in order to enhance and sustain success." Thomas offers all of his clients two pieces of advice when it comes to eating healthy: cook at home as much as possible, and avoid processed foods.

Testimonials from clients attest to Thomas's approach to helping them look and feel their best and their increased confidence as a result. "Personal training is about a lot more than just workouts," he says. "It's about building trust and relationships with your clients and giving them everything they need to be successful even after I'm gone."

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