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How to Keep Your Energy Bill Low while Selling Your Home

By Thomas Mitchell

When selling your home, it's easy to get caught up in doing everything you can to make a good impression. That's why it's important to know how much energy you're using when showing your home to potential buyers. A low energy bill will make a good impression on buyers just as well.

First off, if you can, try to sell your home during a warm season when heating isn't required. This will save you a considerable amount on heating costs. Although if you sell it during a hot season you will have to cool your home too, but it might not cost as much as it would in the winter. Just find the best season for the climate you live in to minimize your energy costs. Also, if you have a large fixture of some kind residing in your yard or home, it may be slurping up energy while you're away. A water fountain or some other kind of energy using piece can really rack up your monthly bill and make you feel like you're paying for nothing. When you're not living in your home, or showing it to buyers, you should unplug all electrical cords from outlets and any other electrical energy sucking appliances. Even when turned off but still plugged in, appliances suckle energy and hike up your bill. One by itself won't hurt, but all of your appliances add up.

Another way to lower your energy costs is to replace all the lights in your home with LED lights. Motion sensors might also be a consideration, to ensure that lights automatically turn off after awhile, and don't stay on for days at a time. This is especially important with ceiling fixtures. Heating and air-conditioning can also raise your monthly bill. If you live in a warm area and your house is going to be unoccupied then it is wise to keep the thermostat at 68. For air conditioning just set the thermostat a little higher than usual so as to ease the work load on your air-conditioner. A programmable thermostat to control how long the heating and air-conditioning will run might be a good investment as well. Make sure your home is well insulated as well because if it's not your money is leaking out of every unsealed crack. Check every door and window for cracks, keep unused doors closed, and consider adding some drapes and blinds that absorb heat and help insulate. If you address all of these areas, you and your buyer will be happy about the lower bills.

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