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How to Become an Oklahoma Real Estate Agent

By Eleanor Boschert

Thinking about a career in real estate? Looking at the rapid pace of homes selling these days and wondering how you can join the ranks of real estate agents who find successful, rewarding, and potentially lucrative careers? Here's the basics on how you can begin your new life as an Oklahoma real estate agent.

The Criteria

  • You must be 18 years old and have a clear background check
  • You will need to log in a certain number of instructional hours from an approved real estate school for each category of license
  • You will be required to successfully complete the Oklahoma real estate licensing exams

The Where and How of Real Estate Classes and Exams

You can take the necessary educational courses at a variety of state approved groups such as private schools, vocational-tech schools, or colleges/universities. Courses include topics such as "Ownership," "Financing," "Real Property," and "Agency Work."

For approved real estate schools for pre-licensure, post-licensure and continuing education, click Approved RE Schools

Oklahoma has contracted with PSI Exams to administer tests for real estate exams.

To get information, check out PSI Exams

The Categories and Their Requirements

Provisional Sales Associate (PSA)

In order to become a PSA, you will need to completing Part I of 90-clock hours of approved basic real estate instruction and pass the PSA real estate exams. An entry-level position, the PSA license allows you to work underneath the supervision of a real estate broker at an agency. Try to join an agency willing to mentor and guide you as you learn the ropes. During this time, you will need to be able to budget well, for in a commission business, it takes time and dedication to build your earning potential. You will not be able to enter into any contracts buying or selling homes yet. In the next PSA phase, you will need to log in the Part II 45-clock hours of approved post-licensing educational courses during your first year of being licensed.

Sales Associate

At the end of the first year, you can apply for a Sales Associate (SA) License. The SA License is the same as the provisional sales associate license except that you will need to complete 12-clock hours of approved continuing education courses during the three-year license term.


To become an official real estate broker, you will need to have passed the exams, and had at least two years of active experience as a PSA or SA within the past five years. You will also have had to successfully completed at least 90-clock hours of approved, advanced real estate instruction.

Once you are a licensed broker, you will need to complete 12 hours of approved continuing education courses, consisting of four core subjects, during each three-year license term.

The Numbers: Costs and Income

Taking the classes, exams, and logging in hours requires an investment on your part. Classes for different levels of licensure run from $400 - $600. The PSA exam costs $60 for three hours, and to advance to broker, will run you $75 for the six-hour exam. Exams are primarily administered online, but you can take the written one for a $20 fee.

The original licensing, and active renewal fees for PSA are $75; and, SA are $165. Original licensing and active renewal fees for brokers are $225.

For a complete list of fees, click here OK Real Estate Fees

The Fun Part

As with any profession, to be a successful real estate agent, you need to love what you do, be knowledgeable, honest and personable, and dedicated to performing at your highest level. You will need to keep abreast of local market trends, neighborhood amenities and demographics. You will need to build a client base through networking and word of mouth. It takes time and effort to build your clients, business, and reputation. And, you will need to master the art of both negotiation and hand holding.

In the end though, the freedom to work for yourself, potentially earn a lucrative income, and match perfect home to perfect buyer makes it all worthwhile.

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