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Find Out What's Hiding in Your Ducts with the Help of Oklahoma's Duct Squads

By Elisha Neubauer

When it comes to cleaning your house, there are a few areas that can get left in the dust... your air ducts and dryer vents can often be some of these forgotten and neglected areas. I mean, how exactly do you clean those things, anyway? That's where Duct Squads comes in.

Duct Squads is the only company in Oklahoma to focus solely on these overseen areas. This sets them ahead of the curve when it comes to offering these cleaning services. While there are companies who offer this service as an add-on product, such as carpet cleaning companies, they tend to use the same exact equipment they used to clean your tiles or carpet. Sure, these pieces of equipment work great for your floors, but your HVAC system is an entirely different beast with nooks and crannies that require special attention.

"We are one of the only companies focusing specifically on dryer and duct cleaning services, with unique equipment designed to brush the inside of the duct work one vent at a time," states Eliav Lior, spokesperson for Duct Squads. In fact, they are the only company in Oklahoma City utilizing the ROTOBRUSH duct cleaning system.

If you're wondering to yourself, 'Why would I need those vents cleaned," then don't worry. We've got your answer. According to Lior, the duct system located in every house tends to slowly accumulate a vast amount of pollutants and dust. This includes mold build up, pet dander, construction debris, and bacteria -- all of which, he says, could be blowing out of your vents.

Pictured above is a before & after image of a duct.

"The air you breathe may be affected, possibly worsening common health issues like asthma or allergies," says Lior. "Duct Squads offers a simple cleaning solution to increase the quality of air you breathe." The company offers duct cleaning resources and information links on their website, as well, helping you to understand the importance.

Not only does cleaning your vents improve air quality, but during the process, as the furnace is cleaned properly, it helps to increase airflow within the unit and reducing wear and tear on the system. This, in turn, helps save you money on your electric bill.

When it comes to getting your house cleaned up, Lior tells us that the employees of Duct Squads take the job very seriously. "We hold ourselves to a high standard of conduct and cleanliness, with the skills and experience to do the job right the first time," he explains. "We take pride in helping improve your indoor air quality and hope you will give us an opportunity to prove it to you."

For more information please be sure to check out their website at www.ductsquads.com.

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