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Everything You Should Know About Chain Link Fences: An Interview with Ross Chandler of Budget Fencing

By Ross Chandler

Can you build portable dog pens?

Yes; however, you can buy them cheaper in prefabricated panels from your local lumber and hardware stores. We build all sizes of permanent dog pens and kennels.

Do you give free estimates?

Yes (In most cases); however, we do charge for travel outside of a 10 mile area and for detailed insurance estimates.

Can you install fence materials that we buy?

Yes, however, it often cost you more because we buy large quantities of good quality materials cheaper than you can buy cheaper items. You also may have difficulty estimating all of the hardware items you need.

Do you install barb/hog wire?


Do you install steel corner posts for barb/hog wire fences?

Yes; we prefer to fabricate our own heavy steel H-braces, triple pipe corner braces, and gate hanger H-braces. We will install wood braces, but prefer to install steel in concrete. We also install both fabricated and commercial farm gates.

Do you install 2x4 welded wire and chicken wire?

Sometimes; we prefer not to install these types of wire because of the problems of stretching and the poor quality of the wire.

Can I raise the height of my existing 4' chain link fence.

Yes, either 5' or 6' fence can be installed with the help of sleeves, extender posts, and fabricated steel inserts. We can also lap 4' fence over existing fence to a height of 5' or 6'.

What does GAW mean?

This means Galvanized After Weave. This is a more expensive type of chain link wire with more galvanize coating that we recommend in this area because of the high humidity and rainfall. Cheap chain link wire will rust in a few years.

Can you move a chain link fence, and how much does it cost.

Yes, costs start at about $5.00 per foot plus the cost of replacing damaged posts, top rail, and hardware items.

Can you install a new gate in an old chain link fence?

Yes. We also install used gates in old fences to save the customer some money.

Can you repair damaged gates?

Yes (In most cases).

Is 6' chain link fence cheaper than 6' wood privacy fence?


How long does it take to start a job after we have signed a contract?

3-10 days. Commercial jobs may take longer to start.

Do you help "Do-It-Your-Self" customers?

Yes, we give free advice over the phone or by E-mail. If we make a trip to your fence location we may charge a service call.

Can you mix fence types?

Yes; we can mix chain link to wood privacy fence, barb/hog wire, rail fence, and different heights of existing chain link fence.

Do you install wood or steel posts for wood privacy fence?

We can install either type, but prefer the steel posts. Wood posts will rot eventually.

Do you clear right of way for fences?.

Yes, but only small trees and brush. We recommend that the customer have someone else clear dense foliage, trees, and debris.

Can you save a wood privacy fence that is leaning?

Yes, but short term only; we straighten the fence, drive steel T-posts as braces, and wire the fence to the T-posts. This may save the wood fence a few more years.

Can you save chain link fence that is leaning?

Yes; We straighten the fence and drive steel inserts inside the posts below ground level. This will strengthen the line posts and add several more years use of the fence.

Do you install steel T-post or wood posts in barb/hog wire fence.

We can install either; however, we prefer to install T-posts.

Do you build baseball backstops.

Yes, we can use a prefabricated kit or build them in place. We prefer to weld the cross braces in for extra strength.

Can you order chain link materials for others such as schools, non-profit organizations, other contractors, or state agencies.

Yes, we have dedicated deliveries and our suppliers are very understanding about adding a new delivery point on a one time basis. They often also provide a discount for large orders to non-profit agencies and schools.

How do you measure gate sizes?

Gates that you buy from hardware stores are 4" shorter diagonally than the gate hole (Space between posts) to allow for hinge and drop fork spacing.

How to you get spacing between posts correct for gates.

For the do-it-your self-installer, we recommend you set the gate swing post level first in cement, let it harden three or more days, and then hang the gate with hardware attached. You can now set the catch post correctly. The more experienced fence installers set all posts, measure between posts, and fabricate the gate to fit the hole or know exactly the measurements for purchased gates.

What type of welds do you use on gates.

Most of our gates are welded with a wire welder, wire brushed clean, and treated with Cold Galvanize to slow down rusting. We also weld in a center brace for extra strength on any gate over 4 feet in width.

What are gates built out of.

Most gates are built out of 1 3/8" or 1 5/8" top rail tubing. We use the same GAW chain link for the gates as we install in the rest of the fence.

What types of chain link sizes are available?

You can normally get 4, 5, & 6 foot chain link at the large hardware stores; however, this chain link is often a smaller size (12 gauge), not GAW, and lacks the stiffness that commercial chain link installers prefer. We only install heaver (11 1/2 gauge) GAW or larger chain link on all jobs. This chain link goes up nicely; stretches better, and last longer.

Do you provide job estimates over the phone.

Yes, with the understanding that this is only a planning estimate and a final job cost proposal will only be made after our site survey is complete.

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