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Everything You Need to Know About Windows: An Interview with Alan Hays of America's Best Choice

By Alan Hays

Tell us a little bit about your experience, company history and the services you offer.

Our founders, Alan and Jaime Hays, have worked in real estate for over 10 years, have owned a construction company for over 3 years and are now working with America's Best Choice Windows to start a branch here in OKC. They were continually frustrated and disappointed in the quality, timeliness and demeanor of the widnows companies they were working with and realized they could take these experiences and create a company that had compassion for the client, in a way that no other company was able to do.

From an early age, Alan worked with his dad in his father's remodeling business. When he turned 20, he enlisted in the United States Army and quickly became a Non-Commissioned Officer. He spent most of his military career in an elite Ranger unit training, managing and leading specialized soldiers into combat. After service on two tours to Iraq and one to Afghanistan, Alan came home to make a difference here. He teamed up with Jaime, who has always had a passion for helping veterans, either through her local American Legion Women's Auxiliary, helping out with Honor Flight Chicago, or working with her father, who is the previous Illinois State Commander of the Sons of the American Legion. Jaime's background includes commodities trading, financial advising, insurance and marketing for all of their companies.

Alan and Jaime live in Norman, with their three children and are members of Harvest Church in Norman. They enjoy spending time with their family and praising God!

What We Do:

We have experience in all facets of home remodeling from the top of the chimney, down to the basement floor (and even a little further past that). We are specialized in windows and doors. As our before and after photos show, we take pride in our work, pay specific attention to detail, and create a beautiful product. We offer prompt, attentive service, and are very respectful of your home, time and budget.

What should people be looking for in new windows for their home?

When searching for windows, the three main considerations ought to be energy efficiency, durability and curb appeal (aesthetics). The energy efficiency of a window is of utmost importance because of the impact this has on a client's daily life. Utility bills as well as general comfort in the home rely heavily on the efficiency of a window. Secondly, durability is important. It does not make sense to make an investment into your home if it is not going to last. Our windows come with a lifetime guarantee that is transferable even if you sell your home. Our windows are made from virgin vinyl, and the sash and frame are welded together for durability as well. The quality of our windows is unsurpassed. Finally, windows can make or break a home in regards to the aesthetics. Beautiful windows can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your home, but old and worn windows can give the impression of lack of care in the home. Our windows come in a variety of styles, colors and options that can compliment any home. Windows that are efficient, durable, beautiful and professionally installed can make an incredible difference on many levels of a home.

Can you explain some of the design choices people have when it comes to windows?

  • Aluminum- Generally inexpensive, not energy efficient, and not an efficient sound barrier.
  • Wood- Generally expensive, do not perform well over time, but are great looking as long as they are kept up with. Fiberglass- Generally expensive, and unproven over time. They are a new product, and their durability has not been time tested, especially in hot and humid conditions.
  • Vinyl- Economical- meaning that they offer the most "bang for the buck." They are extremely durable and energy efficient. Generally the best choice for most homeowners.
  • How does a window relate to the sound and temperature inside a home or room?

    Windows have a large impact on the temperature and the sound in a room. In regards to sound, the most influential part of a window is the glass. The thicker or more dense the glass, the less sound will penetrate. Another factor affecting sound is the installation. A professional installation should secure all gaps that would allow sound to come through. As for temperature, the same principles apply. The glass is the most influential part of the window for energy efficiency. We offer a special coating on our windows called Low E that helps to deflect heat (either keep heat out or keep heat in). This coating also comes with Argon gas between the glass panes of the window, which adds additional insulation for the window. We also offer triple layers of glass which further the efficiency of the window. And, just like with the temperature, the quality of the installation has a large impact on the energy efficiency. All gaps should be filled, keeping the right air in and the wrong air out.

    Is there a mistake that people make a lot when they're installing a new window? Can you give us a tip on how to avoid this?

    A common mistake people make when installing their own windows is measuring the window incorrectly. There are many factors to consider when measuring a window, including what material the current windows are made from, the material of the window you are putting in, and the type of materials surrounding the window (brick, siding, stucco, etc.). In order to secure a tight and correct fit, all of these considerations must be taken. The best way to avoid this mistake is to have a reputable specialist assist you. A reputable specialist will walk you through the replacement window process and advise you on the best window for your home's needs. We do not try any high pressure sales tactics, nor do we up-charge for windows that do not fit your needs. We offer free consultations, and come to your home to show you the window and evaluate your specific needs.

    What's the best way for people to reach you and your company?

    The best way to reach our company:

    Call: 405-212-4812

    Email: okc@abcwin.com

    Website: www.abcwinokc.com

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