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Common Interior Designer Dilemmas: with Dkor Interiors

By Lindsay Biondo

Tell us a little bit about your company and its foundation.

Dkor Interiors was started over 10 years ago and we specialize in transforming homes in the South Florida area as well as abroad. We pride ourselves on our team and so we build our fundamentals on the principle of teamwork. From there, we work with our vendors and clients to: "Concept, Collaborate and Create."

What are the most common decorating mistakes you notice when you walk into a home?

Most commonly people think that more is better. When it comes to interior design, less is definitely more. Once a design concept has been created, we work very meticulously to incorporate the design subtly throughout the entire house. For example, if the concept is based on the elements of volume, texture and contrast between light and dark. We used organic materials and natural stones in the design features, such as void details in the ceiling to create a voluminous and open airy space throughout the home.

What tips do you have for themes, color choices, furniture when decorating a long lasting room for a young child?

Have fun with the space! Don't be afraid to decorate with unique and different accessory pieces. Choose furniture that has longevity you want the child to be able to grow into their room and use their pieces for many years. Introduce color but don't overwhelm the room just because it's for a child. For example, pops of color lining niches and shelves or an accent wall as opposed to painting all of the walls will help encourage longevity.

How do you deal with combined living and dining rooms?

The first step in the interior design process is space planning. This is so crucial to the success of a home's design as the flow of traffic and overall energy of the home is established. If a living and dining room is one combined space, the furniture placement should be so that each room is clearly defined. Some ways to separate the two spaces: place a sofa or console table as a divider, add area rugs in both spaces for definition, paint separate walls and in different colors, etc.

What current trend do you think people will become tired of in five years?

Cold and bleak spaces that follow a certain space plan. Modern design does not have to be unemotional anymore. There are many ways (such as paint color, texture and depth to fabric, etc.) to warm up a modern interior that do not take away from a clean, minimalist aesthetic. In Milan, we have also seen a lot of interchangeability meaning the traditional floor plan is now being challenged. Why can't you place two rugs together in a living room or have a coffee table in different pieces and sizes? The possibilities are endless and should be explored!

Do you ever have trouble finding inspiration? What inspires you today?

We are always on the search for consistent inspiration. We make a big effort at DKOR to visit as many design shows as possible. We most recently traveled to New York, Miami and the 2014 iSalone fair in Milan, Italy. European shows are the most fabulous because their design style is so ahead of the states, it is pure inspiration to visit all of the vendor booths.

Do you have any personal design secrets you'd like to share?

Follow your heart! We feel the biggest trait that separates Dkor Interiors apart from other interior design firms is the effort we make to connect with our clients. We design a home based on many conversations we have had with our customers we want to produce a space that families will be happy in, not just a space that is nice to look at.

What is the best way to reach you or your company?

Visit us online, www.dkorinteriors.com and follow us on Social Media we're everywhere! Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and Houzz.com. You can email us at admin@dkorinteriors.com or give us a ring at 305-981-2710.

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