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Common Dishwasher Repair Issues: with Patrick Conklin of Superior Service

By Patrick Conklin

Tell us about your company and its foundation.

Superior Service of Broken Arrow Inc, started when a repair was needed at Patrick's personal home. Upon asking the technician for details of the repair it was decided Patrick would do the repair himself and the technician would return the next day for any adjustments. Upon inspection of the repair Patrick was offered and accepted a position as a apprentice training under a Master Mechanical Contractor. After years of training and experience Patrick passed state boards in Tx, OK, Ks, MO,and Arkansas as an unlimited mechanical contractor and Master of Mechanical Systems. Patrick has also held licenses as a insurance adjuster/agent and water purification specialist. Superior Service was originally a Texas Corporation and in 2002 relocated to Oklahoma becoming Superior Service of Broken Arrow Inc. In an effort to continue giving back to our community and industry Patrick is Adjunct Instructor at a local trade school training the next generation on proper customer service. As well as maintaining a Super Service Award Winning local service company.

What are the main ways a dishwasher breaks?

Dishwashers will clog up all the time with water deposits and food gunk, and then leak.

What are ways homeowners can prevent these issues?

Dishwashers are not disposal systems. Pre-rinsing is needed along with Monthly cleaning of the unit. The best and cheapest way to clean them is with white vinegar. Simply pour it into the dishwasher when it is empty and run it on the pots and pans setting on hot. Always make sure to pre heat your water too by running the sink till it starts steaming. This will make it easier for your dishwasher to heat the water. If you don't, then when you turn on the dishwasher it starts to fill with cold water and has to heat it on its own. Run the vinegar though through it at least once a month or so and it will extend the life of the dishwasher.

How do you fix a dishwasher that doesn't drain?

If the above cleaning does not improve performance then Clean the Screen/Filter, Different models have different procedures, just look online for a video showing how to perform this for your model and decide if you feel comfortable doing this yourself. You will have to access this usually from within the dishwasher after removing the lower propeller and cover. In some cases the buildup may have clogged up beyond the screen and have caused a buildup within the pump and drain hose. Again the hot water/ white vinegar wash will help clean out normal buildup, however undissolved food will need to physically removed from the screen and pump.

If a dishwasher is broken, when do you suggest homeowners call an expert instead of attempting to repair it themselves?

Whenever you feel uncomfortable in handling the repair yourself then research a repair company with an excellent reputation. The BBB and Angie's List are good resources.

What is the best way to contact you and your company?

If we can be of service please call 918-357-2248, or visit our website at < ah ref="http://www.appliancerepairtulsa.com" rel="nofollow"> www.appliancerepairtulsa.com or www.357ac4u.com

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