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Animal Rescue Center of Shawnee: Caring for Animals

By Joshua Grammer

Every city has a pet population. Cats, dogs, and other animals have loving families to care for them. Yet, there seems to always be those poor animals that have no home. They are often picked up and taken to a shelter where they are taken care of for a time. If no one comes to adopt them, many facilities kill the animals.

In Shawnee, Oklahoma, there is a non-profit organization striving to reduce the homeless pet population. The Animal Rescue Center of Shawnee (ARC) works with Shawnee Shelter, which happens to currently still be a kill shelter. Paul Heinz, President of ARC, says, "It is important to support no-kill shelters because it gives viable pets the best opportunity to find homes. These no-kill shelters also provide insight to our values as a community."

Heinz goes on to say that no-kill shelters are rare in Oklahoma. Shawnee is paving the way for animal rights and seeks to grow as a community that cares for animals. Many cities decide to not have these types of shelters because it takes time and money. Heinz argues, "If a large majority of citizens were to push for spending to be increased for animal welfare then cities would be more inclined to start budgeting for no-kill shelters."

ARC offers its services as far as it can reach: "If we can provide services/support to individuals or agencies, we provide them no matter where they are located," says Heinz. Currently, ARC is fundraising with No Kill Coalition for a no-kill shelter to support the tri-county (Pottawatomie, Lincoln, and Seminole counties.)

One of the best ways to prevent homeless pets is to spay/neuter existing pets. ARC not only raises awareness, but offers a low-income spay/neutering service.

In fact, ARC fills a lot of roles in its efforts to care for Shawnee's pets. Heinz tells us, "When we have space, we rescue/vet/adopt strays. We provide food to people to help people get through a rough financial time so they can keep their pets. We coordinate and provide disaster support in the region when needed. We work with multiple organizations in the area to get people the support required to resolve their pet issues."

As a community effort, local businesses help provide food for ARC, people volunteer their time, and the City of Shawnee works to help advertise available pets for adoption. The Animal Rescue Center hosts many events throughout the year, including adoption events the first Saturday of the month at the Shawnee PetSmart, and events at the Shawnee Tractor Supply Company and Shawnee Atwoods. With a collaborative mindset, the Animal Rescue Center of Shawnee is leading the way in community-wide animal care.

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Judith Compton

I have taken in a part Siamese kitten, it is about 8 mos. I already have one cat. I live in tribal housing, which cost $200 deposit for each cat. I have already paid for 1, and cant afford another

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april maloy

Question:what does it cost to adopt a animal from the Shawnee animal shelter


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